Granite State Red


In this rich, velvety decadence, we combine wine made from ripe blueberries and the French hybrid grape Marechal Foch to create a uniquely New England red wine. The touch of blueberry makes this red grape wine a dry yet bold crowd pleaser. It is silky smooth on the palate with berry flavors, floral notes and soft tannins. Perfectly balanced, this wine is neither too sweet nor tart, and is excellent with steak, grilled meats or Italian fare.

Infused with French oak cubes for approximately 3 months.

May be cellared up to 5 years.


About Marechal Foch:  Marechal Foch is a hybrid French red wine grape variety that was developed in Alsace, France. It is used to make a variety of styles of wine, ranging from a light red wine to intense dark “inky” wines, and even sweet Port-like wines. Wines made from Marechal Foch tend to have strong acidity, aromas of black fruits and, in some cases, toasted wheat, mocha, vanilla bean, and musk.

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Additional information

Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 12 in
First Produced



80% Marechal Foch, 20% NH Blueberry

Residual Sugar



3.25 pH