A beautiful marriage of our gold medal award winning wines Seyval Blanc & Red Raspberry, Corazon is a unique, blush wine that is versatile enough to enjoy on its own or with a meal. An off-dry wine, Corazon is excellent with poultry or seafood, and, of course, during all romantic occasions… We recommend drinking this by candlelight! Compare this wine to a dry, French Rosé.

Can be bottle-aged up to 5 years.

About Seyval Blanc: Seyval Blanc is a French hybrid grape that ripens early and thrives in cooler climates.  It is planted in England, Canada, and the northeastern United States.  The grape produces crisp white wines with citrus notes.

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Weight 44 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 12 in
Year First Produced

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