Amplify your meals with these savory blends of spices, marinades, and oils.

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Americus Red Wine-Infused Sea Salt

Use generously on grilled meat or vegetables to add a subtle wine undertone. Also makes popcorn more interesting!

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Brine Seasoning Blend

Not only for turkey – use this exceptional brine blend for adding flavor & moisture to all pork & poultry, year round.

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Chili Starter

A zesty blend of herbs & spices for all-in-one chili making. See our signature chili recipe on the label! Also works well as a rub for grilled meats.

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Poultry & Pork Seasoning Blend

Dress up your cuts of pork or poultry with this savory blend of citrus, herbs & spices.

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Red Wine Cocoa BBQ Sauce

In this hot and spicy BBQ sauce, cocoa lends a rich, deep note of savory satisfaction and a great counterpoint to the fiery spice.  Excellent on pork, chicken or beef!

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Seafood Seasoning Blend

The light citrus accents in this blend will add zing to whatever seafood dish you’re preparing.

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Steak Seasoning Blend

Great with flank steak, but also perfect with steak tips, sirloin & filet mignon.

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