Seyval Blanc Vinaigrette

Blending our award-winning Seyval Blanc with other exceptional ingredients this elegant dressing, doubles as an excellent marinade for fish or poultry.

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Spiced Cranberry Jam

Clove, cinnamon & nutmeg perfectly compliment fresh cranberries & LaBelle Cranberry Wine. Enjoy with breakfast, alongside holiday meals such as Roast Turkey, or in your favorite recipes.

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Spicy Bloody Mary Spirit Infusion Kit

Our LaBelle Bloody Mary recipe has always been popular; now you can infuse your favorite vodka or tequila with our signature blend of flavors to make your own at home!

After resting at room temperature for one week, strain out the infusion ingredients and enjoy in your favorite Bloody Mary.

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Steak Seasoning Blend

Great with flank steak, but also perfect with steak tips, sirloin & filet mignon.

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Strawberry Seyval Blanc Jam

All the promise of summer is captured in this delicious, delightful jam, as LaBelle Seyval Blanc’s citrus tones shine through. Enjoy with breakfast or atop your favorite ice cream!

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Summer Harvest Green Tea

Custom blended by Winemaker Amy LaBelle, this tea is a beautiful mix of natural ingredients to invigorate your body & calm your soul.

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The Winemaker’s Kitchen Cooking with Wine Series Multi-Class Discount Booklet

Gift the gift of learning to cook with wine! The Winemaker’s Kitchen Cooking with Wine Series is a monthly cooking class hosted by Winemaker, Amy LaBelle. The classes are suited for couples, singles, family, and friends as well as corporate colleagues.


This multi-class booklet contains three (3) vouchers valued at $28 per voucher.  By purchasing the booklet for $66, you save a total of $18 on three classes!


To view upcoming classes and register, click here.


** When Completing Your Order:  indicate if you’d like to pick up your booklet at one of our locations or have it mailed directly to you. **



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Three Kings Port Raspberry Jam

The marriage of LaBelle Three Kings & ripe, red raspberries creates a jam exploding with aroma & flavor. Enjoy with breakfast or in your favorite dishes.

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Triple Citrus Riesling Marmalade

Orange, Lime, and Lemon create a symphony of flavors in this zesty, bold marmalade with a hint of bitter rind.  Excellent for breakfast but also makes a great drizzle for baked fish!

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Triple Citrus Twist Spirit Infusion Kit

With the fresh flavors of citrus and lemon verbena leaf, this infusion kit is perfect to use for flavoring your favorite vodka or tequila!

After resting at room temperature for one week, strain out the infusion ingredients and enjoy in your favorite citrus cocktails.

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Vanilla Maple Syrup

This maple syrup, infused with Madagascar Vanilla Bean, is the perfect addition to our recipe for candied bacon, or on top of Sunday morning pancakes.

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Winemaker’s Custom Blend Coffee

Our own blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian & Peruvian organic, fair trade coffee beans is bold, yet smooth.

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