Heirloom Onion Culinary Wine

This unique culinary wine’s earth tones and light acidity will spark any chef’s imagination. Inspired by our passion for excellent produce, our Sweet Onion is made from juicy, organic onions grown in the rich soil of the Connecticut River Valley.

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Heirloom Tomato Culinary Wine

Heirloom Tomato is a light culinary wine made from farm-fresh tomatoes replete with subtle summer essence and a pleasant acidity. Our Heirloom Tomato enhances seafood or poultry in a recipe or chilled alongside your meal. It’s also delicious served over ice with a splash of simple syrup and mint garnish!

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Jalapeño Pepper Culinary Wine

Made from whole local jalapeño peppers, this wine is excellent in salsas, marinades, dips, guacamole, dressings, fajitas and especially good as a vodka substitute in a Bloody Mary!

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Jalapeño Wine Infused Salt

Great for LaBelle Winery Bloody Marys & Margaritas!

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Jalapeño Wine Jelly

LaBelle’s award-winning Jalapeño Pepper Wine is a sweet but spicy delight. Excellent with a cheese course or in your favorite dishes.

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Juniper Berry Citrus Spirit Infusion Kit

With the fresh flavors of juniper berry, citrus and chamomile, this infusion kit is perfect to use for flavoring your favorite vodka!

After resting at room temperature for one week, strain out the infusion ingredients and enjoy it as your very own gin in cocktails.

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Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Distinct lemon tones highlight your culinary creations, from pasta to roasted vegetables.

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Maple Syrup

Just as wine varies in taste depending on where the grapes were grown, maple products vary in taste depending on where the maple trees are rooted. This 100% pure New Hampshire-made syrup is delicious on breakfast treats, ice cream, hot cereal & especially in our Maple Season wine cocktail.

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Mulling Spices

Make the perfect hot cider for chasing away the Autumn & Winter chill. Includes our Mulled Apple Wine recipe!

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Poultry & Pork Seasoning Blend

Dress up your cuts of pork or poultry with this savory blend of citrus, herbs & spices.

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Red Wine Cocoa BBQ Sauce

In this hot and spicy BBQ sauce, cocoa lends a rich, deep note of savory satisfaction and a great counterpoint to the fiery spice.  Excellent on pork, chicken or beef!

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Seafood Seasoning Blend

The light citrus accents in this blend will add zing to whatever seafood dish you’re preparing.

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