Apple Wine Jelly

Just like your Grandmother’s apple jelly, but better with LaBelle Dry Apple Wine! Excellent as a toast spread over butter, but also try as a garnish on cheesy appetizers or as an accouterment to a cheese course.

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Blueberry Granite State Jam

LaBelle Granite State Red enhances fresh summer blueberries in this sweet but deep & earthy jam. Enjoy with breakfast, atop your favorite ice cream, or in your favorite dishes.

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Buzz’d Raw Honey

Our own honey, harvested from LaBelle’s lower vineyard hives.

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Jalapeño Wine Jelly

LaBelle’s award-winning Jalapeño Pepper Wine is a sweet but spicy delight. Excellent with a cheese course or in your favorite dishes.

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Maple Syrup

Just as wine varies in taste depending on where the grapes were grown, maple products vary in taste depending on where the maple trees are rooted. This 100% pure New Hampshire-made syrup is delicious on breakfast treats, ice cream, hot cereal & especially in our Maple Season wine cocktail.

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Spiced Cranberry Jam

Clove, cinnamon & nutmeg perfectly compliment fresh cranberries & LaBelle Cranberry Wine. Enjoy with breakfast, alongside holiday meals such as Roast Turkey, or in your favorite recipes.

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Strawberry Seyval Blanc Jam

All the promise of summer is captured in this delicious, delightful jam, as LaBelle Seyval Blanc’s citrus tones shine through. Enjoy with breakfast or atop your favorite ice cream!

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Three Kings Port Raspberry Jam

The marriage of LaBelle Three Kings & ripe, red raspberries creates a jam exploding with aroma & flavor. Enjoy with breakfast or in your favorite dishes.

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Triple Citrus Riesling Marmalade

Orange, Lime, and Lemon create a symphony of flavors in this zesty, bold marmalade with a hint of bitter rind.  Excellent for breakfast but also makes a great drizzle for baked fish!

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Vanilla Maple Syrup

This maple syrup, infused with Madagascar Vanilla Bean, is the perfect addition to our recipe for candied bacon, or on top of Sunday morning pancakes.

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