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Americus Red Wine-Infused Sea Salt

Use generously on grilled meat or vegetables to add a subtle wine undertone. Also makes popcorn more interesting!

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Apple Wine Jelly

Just like your Grandmother’s apple jelly, but better with LaBelle Dry Apple Wine! Excellent as a toast spread over butter, but also try as a garnish on cheesy appetizers or as an accouterment to a cheese course.

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Balsamic Vinegar

Soft acid makes this aged balsamic exceptional for everyday use.

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Basil Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bright basil flavors lend an herbaceous note to salad dressings, pastas, and roasted vegetables.

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Blueberry Granite State Jam

LaBelle Granite State Red enhances fresh summer blueberries in this sweet but deep & earthy jam. Enjoy with breakfast, atop your favorite ice cream, or in your favorite dishes.

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Brine Seasoning Blend

Not only for turkey – use this exceptional brine blend for adding flavor & moisture to all pork & poultry, year round.

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Buzz’d Raw Honey

Our own honey, harvested from LaBelle’s lower vineyard hives.

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Chili Starter

A zesty blend of herbs & spices for all-in-one chili making. See our signature chili recipe on the label! Also works well as a rub for grilled meats.

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Cinnamon Vanilla Spirit Infusion Kit

With the warm, inviting flavors of cinnamon and vanilla bean, this infusion kit is perfect to use for flavoring your favorite bourbon or whiskey!

After resting at room temperature for one week, strain out the infusion ingredients and enjoy in your whiskey cocktail, coffee or on its own.

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Cranberry Wine Infused Sugar

Great for LaBelle Winery Cosmopolitans or all creative, fruity cocktails.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Classic olive oil, cold-pressed in Italy especially for The Winemaker’s Kitchen.

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