“With a Twist” Drink Recipe Book

The first installment in The Winemaker’s Kitchen recipe book series, With a Twist: Classic Cocktails Reimagined by Winemaker Amy LaBelle, is a compilation of Amy LaBelle’s signature mixed drinks that feature LaBelle Winery wine. Arranged in five sections – The Classics, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter – you can find the perfect LaBelle Winery cocktail for any occasion or time of the year! Each recipe includes a lavish, full-page photograph and the story behind the creation of each drink.

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Authentic LaBelle Winery Wine Stained or New Corks

Perfect for crafts or home decor projects! Approximately 50 corks per package.

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French Oak Cubes

Perfect for Grilling & Smoking! Once our wine has completed its oak-aging, the cubes are dried in the sun.  Use them to infuse their signature flavor into whatever you grill or smoke.

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LaBelle Foil Cutter

A simple squeeze & twist of this foil cutter is all it takes to neatly remove foil wine caps. An essential wine accessory for proper wine service. Works with all types of bottles, and is comfortable and easy to use.

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LaBelle Wine Stoppers

Keep your unfinished wine fresh with these handy bottle stoppers, attractively adorned with the lovely LaBelle lady!

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LaBelle Winery Wine Glass

Sip in style with our high-quality wine glasses, etched with the beautiful LaBelle Winery logo!

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Logo Blanket

A water-resistant backing makes this warm fleece blanket the perfect choice for outdoor comfort!

Logo Embroidery by Mint Printworks

  • 100% polyester fleece, 100% polyester woven backing
  • Attached elastic band to secure rolled-up blanket
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Mini-Cooler Tote Bag

This attractive tote bag is actually an insulated cooler bag, perfect for bringing your lunch or small picnic with you!

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Pocket Corkscrew

A must-have for any bar or picnic basket, the pocket corkscrew’s sheath converts easily into the corkscrew handle.

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Refrigerator Magnets

These adorable wine bottle magnets let everyone know you have great taste in wine! Comes in Cranberry, Seyval Blanc or Granite State Red.

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The Winemaker’s Kitchen Cooking with Wine Series Multi-Class Discount Booklet

Gift the gift of learning to cook with wine! The Winemaker’s Kitchen Cooking with Wine Series is a monthly cooking class hosted by Winemaker, Amy LaBelle. The classes are suited for couples, singles, family, and friends as well as corporate colleagues.


This multi-class booklet contains three (3) vouchers valued at $28 per voucher.  By purchasing the booklet for $66, you save a total of $18 on three classes!


To view upcoming classes and register, click here.


** When Completing Your Order:  indicate if you’d like to pick up your booklet at one of our locations or have it mailed directly to you. **



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Waiter Corkscrew

Open your wine as we do, with this handsome, efficient waiter’s corkscrew. The hinged double-lever system makes extracting even the most stubborn corks easy and comfortable.

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