Dear Friends, we thank you for your interest in LaBelle Winery!

This special place began as a dream of mine in 2001 – a dream that happened as I visited a small winery in Nova Scotia Canada. The moment I walked into that winery, I had a “lightning bolt” moment, and I knew that I was meant to make wine. So, I began learning the art of winemaking first at home in my small Boston apartment, and then at UC Davis, California in their distance learning program, and I was hooked. I continued to work on a business plan and building knowledge and practice of winemaking, all the while keeping my “day job” as an attorney at Fidelity Investments, as I saved my pennies and planned for the future LaBelle Winery.

 In 2005, I launched a small commercial production at the gorgeous Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, NH where I fermented small batches of Apple Wines for two years. By then I had met and married my dear husband, Cesar Arboleda, and we moved the winery to a barn behind our residence in Amherst, NH where we grew production to 18,000 gallons. In 2010, with 200 wholesale accounts and no more room for expansion, we decided to take the big leap and embarked on our journey to build what is now our 20,000 square foot, state of the art, LaBelle Winery, Bistro Restaurant and Event Center.

With the dream of winemaking was also born the dream to build a place where community could gather and enjoy excellent food, wine, and cultural arts. At LaBelle Winery you can taste award-winning wine, learn on a winery and vineyard tour, dine in The Bistro at LaBelle Winery with fresh, organic product straight from The Farm at LaBelle Winery, listen to live music, take a class, stroll through our art gallery, enjoy the gorgeous architecture that evokes New England’s past in a very modern, sleek way, celebrate a special moment, or simply put your feet up and relax with a glass of wine on our terrace while sitting by our fire-bowl. We are so proud to offer you not just a place to go, but an experience unlike any other.

 My husband, Cesar Arboleda, and I invite you to visit LaBelle Winery.   We can’t wait to share our dream with you….

 Welcome to the LaBelle Winery Family!

Best wishes,

Amy and Cesar




Our History

lightbulb-largerWhile working for Fidelity, Amy LaBelle lived in Boston’s South End. That Summer, while vacationing in Nova Scotia, she visited a small winery and witnessed the making of blueberry wine.

The sight, feel, smell of it all caused an “Aha!” moment for Amy; in that moment, Amy knew she was born to open LaBelle Winery. Click here to learn the whole story.

The Vineyard


Our winery has six different grape varieties planted on about two acres of land. The varieties were selected in part because of their ability to ripen early in the fall and to survive cold winters.  About 1,500 grape vines were planted on the site in June 2012, and another 500 plants were added in Spring 2013. In 2015, they will produce a crop that can be used to make wine. Click here to learn more.

Awards & Competitions

awards-websiteWe send our wines to various national and international competitions every year. Click here to see the competitions we have competed in, and the awards won in each.

Fruit Sources

The Farm

Our wine is made from fruit native to New England and the Northeast. Below are some of the farms, orchards and vineyards that supply our fruit.