The Lightbulb Moment

Spring 2001
While working for Fidelity, Amy LaBelle lived in Boston’s South End. That Summer, while vacationing in Nova Scotia, she visited a small winery and witnessed the making of blueberry wine. The sight, feel, smell of it all caused an “Aha!” moment for Amy; in that moment, Amy knew she was born to open LaBelle Winery.

The First Vintage

Summer 2001
Amy’s first batch of wine was a one-gallon batch of Blueberry Wine, crafted in her Boston apartment. When the city was evacuated on September 11, 2001, Amy brought only a few of her most important possessions with her; this first batch of wine was one of them. She continued winemaking that Autumn, fermenting apple, peach & cranberry wines.

Expanding Knowledge

For the next four years she experimented and educated herself, she took classes from a world-renowned wine and viticulture program at UC Davis in California, and she began to practice & perfect her craft, all the while dreaming the details of the winery she would build.

Getting Started

Fall 2005
She started her winery at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole, New Hampshire, with 400 gallons of wine. Amy sold out every season, at farmer’s markets, wine tastings and local stores, and began to achieve industry recognition, winning regional and international accolades and medals.

Putting Down Roots

Spring 2006
Amy doubled production each year and eventually built a barn behind her home in Amherst, NH to house the growing winery while she & her new husband, Cesar Arboleda, started a family.

Full Steam Ahead

Spring 2008
The growth of the business and their new baby helped Cesar decide to leave his career to focus on the winery full-time.

Realizing Her Dream

Fall 2011
Amy & Cesar broke ground on their new facility. Construction pushed through an unusually warm winter and was completed in late September 2012.

Grand Opening

Fall 2012
Amy leaves her day job in July to prepare for the new facility’s opening. October 3, 2012, the new facility opens, tripling production and adding an Event Center, Retail Shop & Café to the Winery’s offerings.

Expanding Horizons

Winter 2012
Seeking to explore the versatility of her wines and embrace all things delicious, Amy launches The Winemaker’s Kitchen line of culinary products. Included in this line are jams, jellies & sauces made with the wine, honey harvested from on-site beehives, custom blended coffee, and pure vanilla extract.