What is the One-to-One Challenge?

Alkemy Partners feels that “being a small business means kindness and generosity to our neighbors”; to put it simply, “when one small business fails, we all fail, because we are all part of the same community.”  When the NH community was suffering from COVID-19, they decided to create the One-to-One initiative to encourage local businesses to help other local businesses.

Watch this video to learn more about how this project came to be, from Alkemy Partners Founder Jim Kaveney and LaBelle Winery Co-Owner Amy LaBelle.

Let’s spread kindness and foster generosity within our community to get through this crisis stronger than ever – together!

How did One-to-One help us?



Alkemy Partners sponsored the beautiful outdoor tent on our Event Terrace for one month so we could offer safe outdoor dining for our guests.

In kind, we created a list of nearby businesses’ needs to share with our employees, friends and families!

Co-Owner and Winemaker Amy LaBelle says, “We are excited to bring this challenge to strengthen our community and are so grateful to be the first recipient of a One-to-One grant! It feels great to know that other businesses who have thrived during this crisis are willing to help those businesses who have suffered”.


How can you take part in the One-to-One Challenge?

Watch this video to see how you can get involved!

Make a reservation to dine with us outdoors under our tented Terrace, or plan a visit for a socially-distanced outdoor wine tasting.
Snap a photo and share to social media with #OneToOneChallenge – don’t forget to tag us, too!
As you continue to support local businesses, keep using the hashtag so we can keep track of how the movement grows.

Click here to learn more about Alkemy Partners and the One-to-One Challenge!