Baby Grapes!

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Out in the vineyard, nestled within the new leaves & vine growth, are tiny clumps of baby grapes. Not long after bud break, the vines began growing vigorously. These small clusters were not long to follow, but they won’t stay long. These grapes are plucked to focus the vines’ energy & stored carbohydrate resources on growing longer vines and stronger roots.

“These grapes could certainly grow to full maturity this summer,” said Vineyard Manager John Temchack. “But they would do so at the expense of the vine itself. The vines need another season of growing to ensure their ability to last and produce great fruit.” Though most of the vines are only two feet tall at the start of this season, they are expected to reach five to six feet tall before Autumn and Winter dormancy.
Next season, the grapes will be left to grow, but it won’t be until 2015 that the Winery expects to see a bountiful harvest. Have you toured the vineyard? Come witness the amazing growth they’ll experience this summer, and sample our delicious wines and cocktails while you’re here! Our summer hours are: Wednesday 11 – 8; Thursday through Saturday 11 – 9; and Sun 10 – 6.