LaBelle Winery

A Note from Amy & Cesar

Thank you to NH Magazine, New Hampshire, and you, subscriber, for voting us Best in New Hampshire, Winery & Vineyard, 2014!  

We are so thankful for the growth & continued patronage from all of our customers and especially for the expansion of The Bistro this past year.  We look forward to our first year of harvest and will continue to bring you our favorite and new varieties of wine in 2014.

Amy & Cesar

Inside Look into Making Wine 

Amy has some new tricks up her sleeve this year to continuously make her wine better and better.  Batonnage is a specific process of mixing and incorporating the yeast and grape solids that have fallen to the bottom of the tank back into the wine to improve aging and to improve the way the wine feels in the taster’s mouth to give it a more velvety and rich feel.  Amy is experimenting with Batonnage with a few different wines this year. She’s working this into the production of Americus, Granite State Red, and a new dry red table wine from the Chambourcin grape.  

This year’s Chambourcin Port is absolutely divine!  It has notes of dark chocolate & cherries and will have a more robust feel than previous years.   

Upcoming Events

April 10th: Wine vs. Beer
5 Courses featuring Peak Organic Beer & LaBelle Wine. 10% off if you REGISTER TODAY! Register online or call the Tasting Room today and mention PEAK10 to get 10% off!

April 13th: Sunday Art Talks: How Art & Science Connect

April 16th: With a Twist Book Signing & Cocktail Sampling

April 23rd: The Winemaker’s Kitchen Cooking Series: Hot Spices

May 3rd: Wine Dinner: Spicy Night with Jalapenos & Other World Spices

World Vineyard News:

The Finger Lakes Wine Country has been declared a “Disaster Zone” and has, unfortunately, seen massive vineyard loss.  Some vineyards have seen as much as 100% vine kill, with the average vineyard seeing about 40-50% loss.  This affects LaBelle Winery because we supplement our grape supply from that very region to make many of our most popular wines.   

See the Full Story Here.

LaBelle Vineyard News

It’s the LaBelle Vineyard First Harvest and we expect to get about a half crop of grapes which will equal approximately 1000 bottles of wine! The rule of thumb is that for every grape vine grown, one bottle of wine is produced.  We have 2000 vines on property and we will remove about half of each vine’s crop in the summer to concentrate all of the energy on growing the canopy and the top grapes.

Bud Break will surely happen next month for our first harvest but stay tuned, as Mother Nature holds the reins on our timing.  To stay in touch with everything going on at the Vineyard, click here to join the Vineyard Club!


If you haven’t checked out our Art Gallery at LaBelle Winery, come in any time!  We have partnered with McGowan Fine Art Gallery in Concord to showcase some of the finest artists NH has to offer.  See the current exhibit online, or stop in to see for yourself!