LaBelle Winery

Dear LaBelle Winery Supporters:

As you may know, LaBelle Winery is hoping to expand right here in our hometown of Amherst!  Across the street from the Winery, we plan to build an Inn, Distillery, Tavern, Office Space, and Retail Space. The buildings are quite charming, colonial style and fit naturally within the rural landscape, by hiding parking as much as possible, by creating a new town Skating Pond, and by breaking up the uses into residential-like separate buildings, so it appears to have a village feel, connected by pathways and landscaping.

In order to build this, we need town approval. There is opposition to this plan, however, from some neighbors.

In order to ensure this passes at the August 16th hearing, the Town Zoning Board of Adjustment needs to hear from Amherst residents regarding whether you want this in your town.  

If you believe in family-owned businesses, adding to the town tax base, creating an interesting community-based cultural centers in town, and in job creation for the area, please consider emailing a letter of support to at the Town of Amherst ZBA and/or appearing at the August 16th ZBA meeting at Souhegan High School at 7:00 PM and voicing your support.

We only have one chance at the ZBA, and if we fail to gain approvals, we will not be able to move forward. This parcel of land directly on 101 will be developed by someone. We would like to develop it in a way that protects the town.  Above is a rendering of the proposed buildings, which reflect our beautiful Amherst town charm and inviting atmosphere.

Cesar and I love this town in which we live, work and raise our family, and we hope our growth can be right here. Please consider helping if you can! If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to write or call. or 603-672-9898 x7.


All our best,

Amy & Cesar