LaBelle Riesling is a semi-sweet, aromatic white wine with apple, peach & pear notes as you first raise the glass. On your palate, this wine is complex – adding floral and honey overtones – alongside citrus nuances and a delicate minerality. That’s why this wine is great with a variety of food pairings ranging from appetizers to desserts. It is so flexible that it compliments most meals – a nice easy choice! Especially great with poultry or seafood.

Winemaking Notes:

First year produced: 2010

Composition: 100% Riesling grapes

Can be bottle-aged up to 5 years

Acidity: 3.02 pH

Residual Sugar:  2%
Fruit Source: Walker’s Fruit Farms in Forestville, New York.

Awards Won At:
RedBigE fingerlakes iewclogo

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