Petite Pearl Vines Are In!

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We have planted the Lower Vineyard with 500 Petite Pearl vines! What is Petite Pearl, you ask? It’s a hybrid cold-hardy red wine grape developed by Tom Plocher in Minnesota. From Bevens Creek Vineyard and Nursery:

“Petite Pearl™ establishes itself quickly in the vineyard with limited cropping in the third year… Low acid levels make Petite Pearl™ ideal for northern red winemaking and a valuable blending component. The wine has a dark garnet color. It shows complexity in aroma and flavor that can be easily shaped by yeast selection and blending.”

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You can learn all about Petite Pearl at the Bevens Creek Vineyard and Nursery website. LaBelle Winery is the first winery in New England to plant this innovative variety. We’ll be watching this experimental grape very carefully and reporting to other New England growers about its success.