Perfect With Your Holiday Meal!

Spring holidays are fast approaching, and our award-winning Riesling is the perfect pairing for the big dinner!  This wine just won a silver medal at the International Eastern Wine Competition Riesling Championships.  LaBelle Riesling is a semi-sweet, aromatic white wine with apple, peach & pear notes as you first raise the glass. On your palate, this wine is complex – adding floral and honey overtones – alongside citrus nuances and a delicate minerality. That’s why this wine is great with a variety of food pairings ranging from appetizers to desserts.  It is so flexible that it compliments most meals – a nice easy choice!

If you’re serving Ham for your Easter feast, LaBelle Gewurztraminer is another ideal choice.  Don’t let the hard-to-pronounce name put you off!  An easy-to-drink, slightly sweet wine based in the German style, featuring notes of tropical fruit.  Off-dry, deeply flavored and complex, this wine will blow you away with spicy aromas of apricots and pineapple, with honeysuckle overtones.

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