LaBelle Winery Releasing Two New Wine Varieties: Public Invited to Taste on Labor Day

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char-temp-featuredAMHERST, NH – LaBelle Winery is celebrating the Labor Day holiday by introducing its two newest wine varieties, Chardonnay & Tempest. The public is invited to come to the Winery’s Tasting Room in Amherst, New Hampshire from 11am – 2pm on Monday, September 2, 2013 to sample both new wines, free of charge.

“Our highly-anticipated Chardonnay is a traditional grape wine,” says owner and winemaker Amy LaBelle, “to which we’ve added the cold-hardy grape Vidal Blanc, which gives it balance and the New England character that we seek to bring to all our wines.”

“Tempest is an exciting new addition to our portfolio,” adds LaBelle. “It’s our second sparkling wine and it is a deliciously sweet blend of our Red Raspberry and Seyval Blanc wines. The bubbles add a light crispness to the raspberry flavor that makes Tempest a refreshing, easy-to-drink sparkling wine.”

With these two wines, the LaBelle Winery portfolio now stands at 24 varieties. But Amy LaBelle is not daunted by a number.

“Innovation is our goal,” she affirms. “Creating a new variety of wine takes months of preparation, experimentation and patience. We’re thrilled to finally be sharing our newest additions with everyone. Our catalog will continue to grow wherever the fruit and our innovation take us.”

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