LaBelle Winery Celebrating One Year in New Facility!

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Amherst, NH – On October 3rd, LaBelle Winery is celebrating the one year anniversary of its gorgeous 20,000 square foot Winery & Event Center on Route 101 in Amherst. In thanks for a very successful first year in the new facility, LaBelle Winery is giving one free wine sample of the winemaker’s choice to each LaBelle visitor on weekends throughout October.

LaBelle is a family business, founded in 2005 and run by Amy LaBelle and her husband, Cesar Arboleda. In the first year of business, LaBelle Winery produced 400 cases of wine. Their skill & creativity in crafting unique, unexpected wines yielded accolades and ever-increasing demand. Last year’s expansion – the second in the company’s short history – again doubled the amount of wine produced in its previous location on Chestnut Hill in Amherst. Today, LaBelle produces over 15,000 cases of 29 wine varieties each year.

The new LaBelle Winery facility is the largest, most state-of-the-art in New Hampshire. The building itself is intelligently designed, with clerestory windows at the top of the Great Room that when opened, allow heat to rise & escape, reducing the need for air conditioning. The entire building is also constructed with insulated paneling that retains heat in Winter months. The winery boasts a new automated bottling line that is capable of processing up to 1,500 bottles per hour, which increases output by more than double that of the winery’s former manual production, while also cutting the required manpower by two thirds. There are currently 6 varieties of grapes growing on three acres at the 11-acre farm winery. The grape varieties were each chosen for their cold-hardiness and versatility for making unique wines.

But as the last twelve months have proven, LaBelle Winery provides more than award-winning wine; the Café & Event Center has provided New England a place to savor excellent cuisine, celebrate great times and participate in educational programs. The Amherst location has become tremendously popular for weddings, social & corporate events, tastings, tours, and meals.

And like all true entrepreneurs, Amy & Cesar are not content to rest on their laurels. Last Fall they introduced The Winemaker’s Kitchen, a growing line of culinary products that include or are inspired by LaBelle wines such as jams, jellies, honey, coffee and vanilla – all of which are available in the Tasting Room and on the Winery’s website. LaBelle plans a national launch of The Winemaker’s Kitchen line in late Spring, 2014. Since moving into the new winery, the expanded production space has also freed LaBelle to release an astounding five new wines in the last year, including its two new sparkling wines, Shimmer & Tempest.

Looking ahead to the second year in the new location, the future looks as bright as the LaBelle Winery label. With a packed event calendar, a tightly-knit team, & a honed production schedule, this local winery is poised for even more growth and success as more and more wine drinkers are enjoying the fruits of LaBelle’s labor. To learn more about LaBelle Winery visit