Bud Swell!

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Bud Swell ChancellorNo, bud swell isn’t the star of a 1950’s family comedy – bud swell is the first sign that the vines are revving up for a season of bountiful growth!  Tiny buds on the vine start to swell with water and nutrients until they break open, revealing the season’s new growth. Vineyard Manager John Temchack snapped a few photos of the vines.

“Once we get regular temperatures above 60 degrees, things really start to happen,” said Temchack. “In the next week and a half to two weeks, we’ll see bud break.” Following bud break, shoots grow from the buds.

“By mid-May, it’ll be really green out here,” Temchack said. Depending on the variety, the vines are expected to grow up to 72 inches by the end of the season, reaching to the top wire of the vineyard’s trellis system. The new shoots will be pruned throughout the season to train them for growing on the trellises.

100_0380“We’re also planning for the planting of the Petite Pearl vines in the Lower Vineyard,” said Temchack, looking ahead. “That will most likely happen in mid- to late-May, when we’re sure Winter is fully done and the soil conditions will be just right.”

Thanks for the update, John, and great work!