LaBelle Winery Charitable Giving Policy

LaBelle Winery is proud to be an active member of our local community. Since our establishment in 2005, we have strengthened our connections to different causes each year by donating products and participating in charity tastings. As we continue to grow, LaBelle Winery will begin to focus its charitable giving on organizations that benefit women and children in need. As in the past, we will also consider appropriate donations to charitable causes in Amherst and surrounding towns, regardless of the charity’s target.

LaBelle Winery understands that there are many worthwhile causes in New Hampshire, and we would like to support as many as possible. Because we receive so many requests for donations each year, we ask that you consider our policy on giving to charities that support our focus before submitting a donation request form. If your charity or cause has different goals, please understand that priority will be given to organizations benefiting our focus. LaBelle Winery will consider all other requests on a case-by-case basis.

LaBelle Winery commends you for taking an active part in your community. If you wish to submit a donation request form please keep in mind that it must be submitted a minimum of 45 days prior to your event. Thank you for your interest and commitment to giving back.

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